Success Mantra for B2B companies in 2014: Tailor-made communications

Recently, a lot is being talked about B2B marketers increasingly using digital marketing and communication to reach out to their customers. Though a lot of companies are jumping on to the social media bandwagon merely to create a presence and running ad-hoc activities…what’s important to understand is who are the company’s stakeholders but what’s even more important is to know their source of consuming information. One should craft a communications campaign which is media agnostic so that it can be customized and shared with stakeholders across the platforms.

Here are some tips which will be useful when planning your communications approach:

  • Know you Customer & Customize: If you are a manufacturing company and sell through the wholesalers and retailers, your best bet to reach out to them is through participation in exhibitions/trade shows where you can share brochures about your company. To stay on top of mind of these retailers you can send them generic e-mailers, season’s greetings etc . In terms of PR,    do not target The Economic Times/The Times of India, rather aim to feature some thought leadership articles in relevant trade magazines/online portals which reach out to the customers.
  • Innovate: Use new age technology tools such as video case studies, web and audio casts, multimedia newsletter, e-mailers, share interesting case studies and whitepapers on relevant platforms across social media. One can also engage with customers on dedicated blogs, foras which have a select community of people from the industry who are keen on sharing knowledge and insights about the industry. Conduct webinars, educational videos which will can also be recorded and uploaded on YouTube.
  • Do PR for your customers: Like they say your customers are your brand ambassadors, so do all it takes to keep them happy. Profile your customers in media – get them to share their views on how your product has been useful for them, create case studies, take a video testimony and upload it on your website.
  • Emphasize on the ROI: Most B2B companies in India are focused on lead generation and customer service; they seldom invest their time and money in marketing. Hence it is crucial that as a marketer of a B2B company to focus and measure the return on investment of a recommended activity. Set measurement criteria for success, for eg; if it is lead generation, lead nurturing, increasing web traffic, increasing the SEO ranking.
    Here is a good example of how Volkwagen India mapped its use of LinkedIn: How Volkswagen India strategically used LinkedIn to garner nearly 3,000 car recommendations in under a month. See more here:

What else do you think a B2B marketer should do for an award winning campaign?

Look forward to your thoughts and comments.

The author is Richa Seth, B2B Communications Expert at Adfactors B2B



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