Time to profile your Customers as the ‘Hero’

heroTimes have changed and it’s no more about blowing your own trumpet, the anthem ‘We Are the Champions’ by the British rock band Queen 1977 album does not hold true in this evolving marketing era. Increasingly B2B companies are adopting content marketing which involves the need for storytelling. However, the story is trusted even more when a third party endorses your product/service; it could be your customer, employees, trade associations, NGO group etc.

Let your people tell the story
Your company’s product/services are great and yes you do need to share this, but it will be far more compelling to have other people talk about your brand. One tends to trust people who are like minded and who they can relate to rather than a company trying to hard sell itself. So it’s best to get your customers, employees or other stakeholders to share their experiences with your company and deliver your messages in a compelling way. Third-party endorsements can truly be a competitive advantage for your company.

Some of the key reasons why you should have third party people as your brand ambassadors:

1.       Credibility: Your customers/employees talking about your brand and sharing their experiences is a strong endorsement for the company and more number of people are likely to try your product/service

2.       Keep your brand ambassadors Happy: In this competitive environment, it is very important to keep your stakeholders happy, do something more to maintain your relationship with them. So go ahead and let your customers/employees/suppliers talk to the media – get them to share their views on how your product has been useful for them, create case studies, take a video testimony and upload it on your website and share it across social media networks.

3.       It will help to build a strong community:  When you profile your stakeholders and put them in the spotlight it definitely will help your company to build a strong bond with them. To give you an example, HCL’s Employee First philosophy campaign, see here: http://youtu.be/ncdTsiUuMxE

Another one is IBM’s – Why I’m an IBMer programme, watch it here:   http://youtu.be/eyKHrRyjSBs

4.       Budget Friendly Strategy: Getting your stakeholders to endorse your brand helps you save on the cost of hiring a brand ambassador. All one needs to do is shoot video testimonials, sell a compelling story to the media to interview them. The key to success is to tell stories which are real and more accessible and the one’s people can relate to.

Bottom line of the story is to make your customer’s sing to you, Enrique Iglesias song ‘Let me be your Hero’ which will make it far more fun and interesting than you singing ‘We are the Champions’…

Please do share your thoughts, suggestions and comments on the above.

The author is Richa Seth, B2B Communications Expert at Adfactors B2B


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