BP keen on selling jet fuel in India: Oil Secy

BP keen on selling jet fuel in India: Oil SecyBritish Petroleum (BP Plc), Europe’s second-largest oil company, has applied for license to retail jet fuel or ATF at airports in India, Oil Secretary Vivek Rae said today.

“They (BP) are looking at marketing of aviation turbine fuel (ATF) and I think they have applied for a license,” Rae told reporters here.

BP made the application for ATF retailing last month. Fuel retailing in India is permitted to companies who have invested Rs 2,000 crore in oil and gas infrastructure in the country. “They are entitled to it (retailing license) and they will get this entitlement,” Rae said. A BP spokesperson confirmed BP’s intent to enter into the aviation business through the company’s subsidiary, Air BP. “Air BP, our global aviation services division continues to grow in new locations. As part of this growth, we plan to expand our footprint into material emerging markets in the world, including India. With that long term intent, we would like to secure a license to market ATF in India,” the spokesperson added. Read More

Source: http://www.moneycontrol.com/


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