Capacity addition is not the sole focus

Central Railside Warehousing Company (CRWC), a subsidiary of public sector warehousing major Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC), recently notched a major distinction when it was awarded ‘mini-ratna’ status. Vinod Asthana, MD, CRWC underlines the significance of this milestone in an exclusive conversation with Ritwik Sinha. Edited excerpts:


You have been granted the prestigious ‘mini-ratna’ status. How significant is this achievement?

CRWC is one of the youngest companies which has been granted the ‘mini-ratna’ status. It is barely six years old. And this has been done on the basis of our performance in past five years – its financial position, growth rate, business plan, diversification initiatives, etc.  The government must have felt that since we have done well on all parameters, this company must be given more freedom to  forge new partnerships and take on more projects under PPP route.





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