Recover heat to regain profitability

Heat recovery unit is an integral part any manufacturing set up, and if put to good use companies can reap rich dividend

According to some experts, processing industries utilise 50% more energy than required, thus escalating the cost of manufacturing manifold. Situation can be worst in developing countries, where manufacturers are still using old technologies and machineries in their production facilities. “If they were to switch to the best available technology, power consumption would drop by roughly 1200 GW. This is approximately three times the entire global nuclear power production,” claimed Jan Hedemann, Managing Director, Alfa Laval India Limited.

The Indian chemical industry, one of the major consumers of energy, finds itself in a double whammy. While fuel prices are rising, there is increased pressure to curtail greenhouse gases. Hence, improving production with optimum usage of energy is the only way out.

Pushan Sharma, Manager- Marketing and Business Development, Godrej Process Equipment, Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing, said, “Energy efficiency is very critical for customers in the chemical industry. Customers want to utilise every Joule of energy being produced or dissipated in various processes. As a result they are very conscious while selecting the process for their projects. This leads to advanced processes which require critical equipment in order to meet the energy efficiency needs.”






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