Case Study: ZLD technology gives a new lease of life to dyeing units in Tirupur

Dyeing units in Tirupur turned to Praj Industries’ wastewater treatment technology to find answers to their effluent treatment woes, which had led to the closure of these units

Tirupur, which generates a fifth of India’s textile exports, is known as a textile hub of the country. Garment units in Tirupur went through a crisis following the discharge of coloured effluents from bleaching and dyeing units that resulted in severe pollution of water bodies.


Customer: Veerapandi Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP), Tirupur

Challenge: Treating effluents for ensuring zero discharge to meet pollution control norms

Solution offered: Praj’s ZLD system, which is energy-efficient with proprietary evaporation technology

Benefits: The technology helped the dyeing units to adhere to zero discharge norms. In addition, the salts recovered from the CETP plant are re-used by the dyeing units, resulting into considerable savings in operating cost, annually




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