Adding value to polymer waste through recycling

Presence of metals, such as aluminum, in plastic waste makes it difficult to recycle. Specialty additives can offer a solution to this challenge by converting polymer waste into quality products

Plastics have become a necessity in our daily lives. The wide variety of applications of plastics has made them indispensable but at the same time plastics are non-biodegradable and a source of continuing pollution. Therecycling and harmful issues of plastics have been discussed to death.

However, it is a fallacy. Plastics have changed the way of life – the little bit of hygiene in India can all be attributed to plastics – from hospitals to restaurants to packaging. The problem lies in collection and recycling. Most of the plastics wastes are not recycled in India and it can be seen scattered all over our towns and cities, polluting the surrounding land and water resources. Plastics account for nearly 16% chlorine in the environment and have over 54 carcinogens. Polythene bags for disposal if burnt irresponsibly releases highly toxic gases like phosgene, carbon monoxide, chlorine, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, besides deadly dioxin.





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