Green manufacturing leading to economic and ecological gains

greenFaced with increased regulatory pressure, chemical manufacturers, especially pharmaceutical and fine chemicals makers, are taking green route for processing

Chemicals industry is under increased pressure across the supply chain with a traditional reliance on non-renewable resources (that are becoming increasingly scarce and have uncertainties over continuity of supply); old processes (most chemical processes are based on chemistry that is 50+ years old) that are often overly hazardous and very wasteful; and products that have not been fully assessed for human and environmental impact. Against this background, green chemistry provides a sustainable solutions to future chemical manufacturing, according to Prof James Clark, Director, The Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence for Industry, University of York, UK.

Need for a changeover
The chemical industry has a bad boy image which needs to be addressed. And, hence, adopting green manufacturingpractices is imperative. “It is not only cleaner, better, cheaper (more profit) but also necessary to adopt green chemistry for sustainability in the long term of the product and the business, and finally it is the right thing to do as a Responsible Care company and also makes you feel good,” said Ravi Kapoor, Managing Director, Heubach Colour Pvt Ltd.






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