Plastics waste: The Golden Triangle – industry, government, consumer

It is well known that there are two ways in which society as a whole can improve – either a stick with stringent laws, effective policing and serious punishments for default. Or, when the need for improvement comes from within – a social transformation. The Bhagwad Gita, the Vedas and the Upanashidas talk of self-realisation as the ultimate form of improvement. Sustainability comes if any act is done in spirit.

Today’s materialistic society can be divided into three broad classes when it comes to governance and industry – industry, government and consumer. Volumes have been written on the plastics waste menace with each of these pointing fingers at the other. For sustainence and in interest of future generations and the only habitable planet discovered thus far, the key players in the promotion of industry self-regulation have always been industry, government and consumer. The roles of industry, government and consumer groups are dynamic. Each needs to adapt virtually daily on the basis of the changing face of a country’s economy. And with the urge to grow each of these three constituents have to behave responsibly while responding to competitive pressures, regulatory reform, new technologies, rampant consumerism, environmental degradation and the increasing globalisation of consumer markets.

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