Towards a consolidated, virtualized IT environment

In the increasingly global, complex and accelerating business environments that enterprises operate today, performance matters more than ever. Customers are looking to drive more out of their existing IT infrastructure while trying to build unique differentiation for business operations with their system implementation.Whether customers are considering performance as raw application speed, as cost efficiency, or as reduced complexity, they are always looking at ways to improve their IT architecture to deliver applications faster and more effectively.

The end users want to be productive just as much as the business wants them to be. Most people thrive in environments where they are set up to succeed, and IT has a strategic role in that process. Simply put, users expect applications to be faster. No matter where the user is based (HQ, branch office, on the road, or even consumers at home) applications are supposed to be always on, reliable, and faster than ever before. Empowered end users will be more productive, more capable, and will help bring new innovations to market faster or be better informed, more engaged customers.

In the current work environment, end users are typically moving locations and switching devices frequently. They may be using a corporate-provided computers, then entering customer information via their personal smartphones, and finally working on a personal system at home. The applications might be traditional enterprise applications in a corporate data center, software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, or applications running in a hybrid cloud environment. But in all cases, they still expect high performance applications that are fully accessible.

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