India-US partnership: $1 trillion by 2030?

For India and the United States, it’s the “vision thing” in the famous words of George Bush Sr. It was a visionary breakthrough that brought the Indo-US Civil Nuclear Agreement, demolishing a huge wall of restrictions and denials around India.

For a thousand flowers of the economic partnership to bloom, an equally expansive vision must takeover. Prime Minister Narendra Modi says he wants to unleash India’s inner economic beast and serve his restless young voters. President Barack Obama, too, came in with a promise of “nation building” at home.

The two projects can mesh but the private sectors in both countries need to pick up the ball. When Obama and Modi sit down for a private dinner later this month, unhindered by celebrity invitees and ball gowns, they should discuss how to tap this potential.

According to a new report, “India-US Partnership: $1 Trillion by 2030” released in Washington by Gateway House in time for Modi’s much-anticipated visit, the two countries can raise their economic partnership to a whole new level if they move “dramatically out of their comfort zones” and tap new ideas, skills and sources.

Well, that seems obvious. Doesn’t every report in essence encourage newthink? But this has helpful granular detail and a road map. The big idea is to follow the model the US has with Mexico, Israel and South Korea.

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