Five key points made by Google top exec Sundar Pichai during India visit

Google Inc.’s senior vice president (Android, Chrome and apps) Sundar Pichai is considered to be one of the leading mobile experts in the world. Pichai, originally from Chennai, is also rumoured to be a top contender for the top job at the tech giant. He recently came to India to launch Android One, the latest mobile Operating System from the firm. During the visit, he made some points about the company’s future plans.

Here are five key points that he made during the visit:

To launch more India-specific things like Android One: Android One was conceived keeping India in mind, and the firm will look to roll out more India-focused products, going forward.

To expand Project Loon to various emerging markets including India: Google’s flagship project Project Loon is aimed at bringing internet to unconnected world through balloons. The project will be rolled out in remote parts of the world including India, where 3G and 4G services are still distant dreams for a huge majority of people.

YouTube to launch offline video service: Google is also making YouTube videos available offline. Users will be able to download and watch videos offline, without being bothered about their data charges.

Android TV to come next year: Many original equipment makers will ship sets with Android TV (integrated live TV) next year. He expects 2015 to have solutions based on Android TV for India.

Will not force-converge Chrome and Android: Google will not force the convergence between Android & Chrome, two of its large mobile platforms for the mobile & personal computers respectively.

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