Four student startups at IIT-D & IIT-B that caught our eyes

More and more students at IIT, the country’s premier chain of institute for engineering, are opting out of campus placements in order to take the tough road towards building their career and set up their own ventures.

The IIT Delhi batch that passed in 2013 saw 17 students (out of 743 graduating) opting out of placements, and this number increased to 22 students this year (out of 775).

The current batch has already registered 29 students who have opted out of placements, and the number is expected to rise further before the final campus placement lists are prepared. The current batch has 817 students across all departments.

According to experts, a rise in awareness about entrepreneurship as a promising career path, coupled with expansion in the early stage funding eco-system and acceptance by parents and society at large, have played a key role to create this environment.

Success stories by the media celebrating big and small entrepreneurship has also helped a lot toward the recognition of this sector, says Prajakt Raut, founder of advisory firm, The Hub For Startups. caught up with those who are venturing out right from the campuses at IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay to get a lowdown on some interesting student startups. Here’s a quick look at four such ventures that caught our eyes.

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