Meet Krishnan & Meena Ganesh: The husband-wife duo with 100% success rate in start-up world

This is the best office we have had,” he lets on. As you enter the three-storied building in Domlur, a suburb in Bangalore, you’re tempted to wonder whether K Ganesh, one half of India’s most successful serial entrepreneur couple, is pulling a fast one — a narrow staircase, a cramped reception, and a virtually bare cabin small enough to remind you about those ‘yo mama’ jokes (yo mama’s house is so small she eats her meals off a dime) rather than the cool start-up offices you’re accustomed to reading about (casual seating, snack-filled kitchens, gaming spaces, graffiti-ed walls et al).

It’s only a board pinned casually on the wall that assures you that you’re in the right place; at what is clearly the right time for the 52-year-old Ganesh, and his 51-year-old wife Meena: It reads: ‘Portea, Homelane, Bigbasket, Bluestone, Avagmah’.

That, in a line, sums up the uniqueness of the Ganeshes’ entrepreneurial journey: five scorching start-ups in various stages of growth that the husband-wife duo are nurturing — as passionately and obsessively as they had reared four other ventures since the early ’90s that they have now exited, and made a cool stash in the process (see The Exits).

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