Khosla Labs, AngelPrime to hold Aadhaar hackathons

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi backing Aadhaar, it has regenerated interest among developers to build apps using the platform. Khosla Labs and AngelPrime will be hosting the first two legs of an Aadhaar hackathon to encourage startups to develop an app economy around it.

“We will teach people to integrate with Aadhaar and they should then be able to build an app over the next 24 hours. We haven’t defined the problem statement and have kept it sector-agnostic,” said Srikanth Nadhamuni, CEO of Khosla Labs. Khosla Labs was set up by Vinod Khosla and Nadhamuni in 2012 as an innovation lab to focus on solving large-scale problems. The lab will shortlist 50 ideas. The second leg of the hackathon would be hosted by Bangalore-based seed fund and incubator AngelPrime that’s run by serial entrepreneurs Sanjay Swamy, Bala Parthasarathy and Sripati Acharya.

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