India Shining….

Happy to introduce you to the first issue of ChakraView, this is an attempt to keep you abreast with all the important developments in the business arena over the fortnight. In today’s hectic work schedules most of us cannot stay updated on all news updates and developments in the business world, hence we aim to bring to you a news analysis of the most important events that you must be aware and know about.

Come year end and you will see all publications coming up with the listings of most influential people and companies. Forbes released the list of 72 most influential personalities in the world, which include our Prime Minister Narendra Modi on No.15. Business India came out with the list of Super 100 companies and all of them had market cap over Rs.10,000 crore. Interestingly India has, after the US, the second largest number of listed companies.

This itself is an indication that India Inc is on a very strong growth trajectory but on the other hand very few Indian companies have made their mark globally. An editorial in Business India, says, “We still do not have a GE, Rolls Royce, Siemens, a Honda or a Toyota. We also do not have companies that are in the same league as the Korean giants like Hyundai or LG or Samsung.” Also our knowledge-based companies, particularly in the IT, airlines, BFSI and pharma (barring very few), have got global scale and attention.

But that should not deter us from dreaming big and work towards making India a global superpower. With the favorable business policies from our new government, Indian business will achieve newer heights in the coming year. With that we wish you a merry Christmas and successful and profitable New Year.

Vikram Kharvi


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