Happy New Year

Wishing you a very successful beginning of the year 2015, may this year help you enhance your personal and professional life. We are delighted by the warm response and encouragement we received for the first issue of ChakraView, by all our readers. And why not? Each issue is power packed with must know news and analysis of the fortnight, just reading ChakraView, you will be in the know of everything that is happening around you.

I believe 2015 has brought with itself a wind of hope for the country, a hope of change, which will move us only towards a progressive future.  Every citizen is hopeful that good governance and clear vision will play a transformative role for India in 2015. The proof points for the same are already emerging with series of pioneering new trends from across the sectors that is bringing a paradigm shift to our society. We are seeing new ideas sparked by technology and driven by private individuals who are constantly seeking to improve their quality of life, are posed to change our nation for the better.

So with this new found hope and positive outlook to the year ahead, let us begin with much more enthusiasm like never before and set the tone for an India where the dreams of the future are not burdened by the mistake of the past.


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