Corporate India goes full steam to improve gender diversity

India Inc has aggressively pushed to close the gender gap and improve diversity this year, not because it is the thing to do, but because having women across management levels makes business sense.

Also, a mandate from the new Company Law and Sebi to have at least one woman on board has prompted companies to look for women representation in boardrooms and create a pipeline of women at senior levels.

“For gender diversity, while the improvements will be systemic, the acceptance will be personal,” says Nishchae Suri, partner and head of people and change practice, KPMG in India. While culture and values at an organisational level will drive group actions for fostering gender diversity, Suri foresees an increase in the number of senior leaders who will own the agenda, narrate their experiences and champion tangible action.

Similarly, the top five gender diversity trends forecast for 2015 include an increase in the number of women hires at every level, inclusion of men in gender policies, arresting the leaking pipeline of women leaders, raising awareness of unconscious biases, and focus on CEO-led or government-mandated gender strategy.

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