Data Protection: Why it should matter to digital Indians

2014 saw reports of hackers stealing 1.2 billion internet credentials, including usernames and passwords along with millions of e-mail addresses. To put this into perspective, the total number of internet users across the globe are at 3 billion. While the ripples of this hack may not have reached many of us, with the third last internet population, the internet is an indispensable part of the lives of Indians today. How much you may wonder?Imagine a young professional who uses his personal device for work and play; accesses his corporate emails and social networking site using the free Wi-Fi in the neighborhood coffee shop. A teenager who spends hours surfing the internet to finish her homework and on the social media uploading photos or downloading free music. A senior citizen next door who pays his bills online and indulges in some online shopping.

21st century India, whether individuals, the government or organizations are riding the digital wave like never before. And that is why for every single person living in the age of the internet, data privacy and information protection is important. Letting your data get into the wrong hands may result in anything from minor inconveniences to loss of reputation, money and much worse.

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