Boom Time

Startups, funding, venture capital, private equity, seed funding, angel investors is all that you read/hear in media these days. There seems to be no dearth of money nor of new business ideas; new startups are arising and they getting quickly funded is now the new normal. But at the hindsight are you not wondering if this scenario seems to be similar to the bygone dot com era? But hold, Business India editorial says that “unfortunately, in India, we are almost two decades behind the West and it is only now that we are beginning to see the evolution of a venture capital and private equity ecosystem. One of the reasons for this is that finally we are beginning to see the birth of modern competitive capital markets in India.” Believing this let’s hope ‘All will be Well’ for long time to come.

So not so surprisingly you will read many investments and deal related news this fortnight, infact Business World has come up with a special issue on I-banking, saluting both deals and deal makers, don’t miss reading that. Apart from that there are many interesting stories to read this fortnight; we hope the curated knowledge adds more value to your macro understanding of India today. Happy Reading.


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