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Economic instruments operate alongside command-and-control to align environmental goals

March 3, 2014

In policy mechanism, command-and-control approaches remain the most dominant throughout the world despite the benefits of economic instruments Policy instruments are like the two-headed Roman God, Janus. They fall into two general categories: market-basedeconomic instruments and command and control. In simple words, they play at two levels: Carrots: new markets; Sticks: regulatory burden.  However, economic instruments and… Read More ›

The B2B Marketing manifesto

Business-to-business (B2B) marketing has evolved from simply having product collaterals/brochures to having a ‘story’ to tell. B2B marketers face different strategic challenges and need the help of marcom professionals to think big, understand the macro business of the company, the key stakeholders involved and the best medium to communicate with them. B2B Marketers need to… Read More ›

Why do B2B companies need specialized PR?

As Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tail, said, “Increasingly, the mass marketing is turning into a mass of niches.” Public Relations (PR) is also increasingly becoming specialized and customized; and more so for a B2B brand. Communication requirements of a B2B brand are dynamic and unprecedented – one needs to understand the complexities of managing… Read More ›

Time to profile your Customers as the ‘Hero’

Times have changed and it’s no more about blowing your own trumpet, the anthem ‘We Are the Champions’ by the British rock band Queen 1977 album does not hold true in this evolving marketing era. Increasingly B2B companies are adopting content marketing which involves the need for storytelling. However, the story is trusted even more when a third party… Read More ›

Success Mantra for B2B companies in 2014: Tailor-made communications

Recently, a lot is being talked about B2B marketers increasingly using digital marketing and communication to reach out to their customers. Though a lot of companies are jumping on to the social media bandwagon merely to create a presence and running ad-hoc activities…what’s important to understand is who are the company’s stakeholders but what’s even more… Read More ›

Is B2B Buzzing with the Buzz around Social Media?

B2B marketing has evolved considerably in the last 5 years from the days when businesses focused their marketing channels on trade shows, webinars, direct mail and telemarketing. Openness, collaboration, transparency, communication…these aren’t just buzz words. Surprisingly, there are still marketing leaders in B2B companies who are skeptical on the value of social media as part of their… Read More ›

How social media is changing the 4 C’s of marketing?

Whether B2B or B2C, Social Media has changed the dimensions of human thinking and is progressing rapidly. With social media giants struggling to offer and customize to user needs, it is important for them to track activities and connect you with brands that generate interest. (That’s fine, if they store cookies, your data will never… Read More ›

Humor Me! Cheer up the B2B Talk

Rarely do you hear people coming out of a business presentation saying: “That person was hilarious!” That’s because most of us try to make sure that all of our business communications have a “professional” image. As a result, our messages are delivered in a mundane and monotonous manner. Hilarity in advertising is common. Fun and laughter is often observed in… Read More ›

B2B on a Sustainability Continuum

Milton Friedman once said Business of business is business by the famous American economist simply meant a company’s only moral responsibility is to make money for its stakeholders. He argued the mutual benefit between the company and people. Let’s assume Friedman’s logic is truer for B2C than B2B. As most of us assume that only B2C companies are… Read More ›

Are we still crawling in the race of B2B communications?

In the world of consumerism one finds lesser importance given to B2B marketing. It seems easier to capture and woo the end consumer rather than the stakeholders involved in business to business category. B2B communications is a much neglected and underrated player in the marketing segment, while its counterpart, consumer communications has stolen the show… Read More ›